OWI/DUI Defense Law


OWI Attorney Crawfordsville, IN

Have you been arrested for operating while intoxicated?

If you've been arrested for operating while intoxicated, you need to call an attorney immediately. You may be facing charges and fines that could be either reduced or even dismissed, given the right help. When you work with the Law Office of Christopher Redmaster you'll be working with an attorney who has the experience and savvy necessary to build you a personalized and effective defense. OWI charges are serious and need to be handled quickly and effectively. Important consideration must be given to the availability of special driving privileges.

Call the Law Office of Christopher Redmaster today and get the legal assistance you need (765) 364-1914. Working with Mr. Redmaster is not like working with other attorneys, in that he sees the big picture when it comes to your case. He looks at how these charges will affect you in the long run and comes up with a plan to give you the best possible outcome - not just for now but for the years ahead.